HDR portrait cheat

HDR or High Dynamic Range images, are pretty darn cool. To sum them up in basic terms, they are images that display much more detail than a regular image. You can do this by combining multiple images of the same subject/content, that have been taken at different exposures. ie; one under exposed, one correct exposure and one over exposed (all shot in RAW). Then by using the, Automate HDR image in Photoshop, and a few tweaks, you'll have a HDR photo that will impress. But...
...most HDR images you'll see are of lanscapes or buildings/objects. This is because each images needs to be exactly the same, people move too much which makes getting the multiple exposures tricky. This got me thinking "I wonder if I could cheat?" So whilst helping a student with some portraits today I got this selfy and started playing. My thought was, 'that as long as I had one image that was perfectly exposed, shot in RAW, I could export out multiple exposures of it from the RAW editor'

So, 20min later with various experimenting within the HDR image maker, I believe I got something that worked. Not a true HDR, but certainly an image with a much higher range of information. For your comparison, the original image is below. 
And yes, the massive geek in me could help but add the Imperial emblemen to my pupils :D

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Indigo Roth said...

Oooooh, I like! Now, if I can just work out how to do the RAW exposure export thingy in PaintShop Pro... Thanks matey, great work!