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New London hates you!

A friend of mine from New London has started up his own brand called 'Trywork Trading Co' he's a talented artists and a keen pipe smoker - he's awesome. When he produced a T-shirt of a pipe smoking whale, I was keen to get myself one. After no pause he suggested a swap, I get one of his, if he could have one of mine, specifically my 'He-Man' design.

So the transatlantic exchange went ahead, and just a short 2 weeks later it arrives, giving me an excuse (like I needed one) to jump infront of the camera for a self portrait... and I think my smile is really coming along, what do you think?

As always, many thanks for stopping by ;D


Geek weapons (choose wisely)

At little something I've been working on recently, I really wasn't sure when to stop, so this may well be a work in progress - can you name all the references?
As always, thanks for stopping by! :D
(p.s this is on sale as a poster or T-shirt)


HDR portrait cheat

HDR or High Dynamic Range images, are pretty darn cool. To sum them up in basic terms, they are images that display much more detail than a regular image. You can do this by combining multiple images of the same subject/content, that have been taken at different exposures. ie; one under exposed, one correct exposure and one over exposed (all shot in RAW). Then by using the, Automate HDR image in Photoshop, and a few tweaks, you'll have a HDR photo that will impress. But...
...most HDR images you'll see are of lanscapes or buildings/objects. This is because each images needs to be exactly the same, people move too much which makes getting the multiple exposures tricky. This got me thinking "I wonder if I could cheat?" So whilst helping a student with some portraits today I got this selfy and started playing. My thought was, 'that as long as I had one image that was perfectly exposed, shot in RAW, I could export out multiple exposures of it from the RAW editor'

So, 20min later with various experimenting within the HDR image maker, I believe I got something that worked. Not a true HDR, but certainly an image with a much higher range of information. For your comparison, the original image is below. 
And yes, the massive geek in me could help but add the Imperial emblemen to my pupils :D

Thanks as always for stopping by


A Wampa, a Death Star, a Button Moon and fist shaking...

The spattering on snow we had in the south of England gave rise to an idea I had the year before but never got around to making it. So whilst freshly risen from the depths of my mind stew, I opened up last years snow pictures and got with the pixel pushing, to a result that almost works very well...
Wampa caught on camera - Rochester, kent - The Vines

In turn this gave rise to another thought I had never gotten around to implementing, somewhat out of date now, yet still guaranteed to sting almost everyone that owned an Xbox 360 in the first 4 years of it's lifecycle...
...we have a problem...

This also gave rise to yet another idea that I'm sure only I find amusing, so much so that I can not read it with laughing out loud... seriously, I have a problem. My wife asked me "... but why a button?" To which I realised that not everyone would have watched 'Button Moon' as a kid making me feel somewhat old to me, a button was an obvious choice, which probably adds weight to why I'm one of the few that find this funny - that and imagining Vader laugh maniacally :D
"so... what do think..."

This in turn led to something completely different, yet still in line with the 'must get around to doing that' vibe of things. This one may, or not, be hard to understand, but I kind of have a hate club. There's a few maybe more than a few people out there that have had reason to shake their fist in the air to the chant "Damn you Robbie Munn!" So much in so, that a domain name was bought and comic strips were written. Thankfully, this has all been in good jest I think yet when I was asked to design a T-shirt I said "Yeah! Of course I will" thinking it was just another extension of the humor. Two more requests later I realised that it genuine, so though it about time to roll with it and see what I could come up with...
Join the protest!

Consequently, I had a sale within 10 minutes of posting it on facebook, it's a jolly good job I do not take myself too if at all seriously :D

As always, thanks for stopping by x


The dark knight waxes for *Movember

As Movember approaches, razors around the world ready themselves for the great shave. A time where men united, rekindle their manliness by growing a moustache. This lip log union not only represents an almost lost masculine tradition, but in the process raises awareness and money for a charity that tackles testicular cancer face on. Last year I made accessories and donated all profits to the cause, this year I designed this snazzy parody which can be found in t-shirt or sticker form, allowing the none growers out there to take part.

As always, thank you for stopping by :)
Clicky HERE for a link to the shop


HE-MAN Villains Last Supper

Well, it would seem I am on a roll with this theme. Although this image took much longer than I expected... about 5 weeks longer o_O

What started life as a simple montage, soon developed into an epic quest of pixel pushing, fuelled by the perfectionist in me to make something visually satisfying. Six weeks later I still don't feel it's finished, for the past few days I've added other characters, placed food on the table and used alternative lighting - yet I wasn'y happy with any of them. So for the time being, I'm considering it done. 

Characters from left to right (excuse the spelling, and feel free to correct me, I'm going from memory here)

Beastman, Webstor, Whip-lash, Spikor, Triclops, Two Bad, Skeletor, Evil Lyn, Mer-man, Clawful, Trap Jaw, King Hiss (yes, that's his real name!) & Stinkor

Maybe now I can move on to another project... maybe

Thanks for stopping by :D

Update: Less than 15 Hours later... and changes have taken place - why can I not just let this one go!? So hopefully for the last time, here is the final picture... I hope:
This print is also available to buy, if anyone likes it enough to part with their hard earned cash, clicky HERE

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