Dichotomy - We're in a music video! :D

Ani (my wonderful wife) and I were totally stoked when our friend Stuart Turner, asked us to be in one of his music videos.

• Firstly, Stuart Turner and the flat earth society are amazing, they played at our wedding - which went down a storm - and they have the most fantastic sound!

• Secondly, we'd never done anything like this before. Ani is used to performing on stage, but in front of a camera is completely different. It was all very exciting and the "crew" made the experience a joy 

• Thirdly, it was our bumps first foray into the lime light! Yes, Ani was starting to show by this point, which meant certain scenes had to have careful consideration

And most importantly

• I got to wear my braces! Enjoy :D

Laser powered 8bit Ukulele!

Well.... not quite powered by laser, but certainly made with a laser

When I started a new role last summer, I was encouraged by my new boss to get to know the equipment I would be operating for the students come the new term. So when it came to the laser cutter, I had to think long and hard about what exercise I could do, that I could use to familiarise myself with this alien hardware.

With some appropriate (for a change) web surfing I came across someone that made an 8bit styled Violin, and thought to myself "That is freaking awesome!" So I got to work designing myself an 8bit Ukulele :D

I must stress that I have no prior knowledge of the inner wizardry of musical instruments, I just went with what I thought looked cool, and if it happened to make sounds that where not too painful, then I'd chalk it up as a win.

After a fair amount of initial head scratching, I ended up using a combination of 4mm & 6mm Ply, partly to keep is strong whilst light and partly because it looks cool ;) To keep it simple I didn't use any fancy joins (my first time using this tech remember) which meant the building process required many G clamps to hold pieces in place whilst the glue set.

Within the design I wanted to keep things as simple as possible, which meant coming up with a solution for the frets, which I got around by simply tilting each fret a few degrees (as Ukes are not high tension instruments, I thought this would be enough) the effect is really nice... at least, I think it is :)
The end result!
I am very proud of how it turned out... aesthetically at least :D Sound wise is another story. Sadly, the tension pegs I used are not sufficient enough to keep the strings in tune for more than a few minutes, but for a first time effort, I'm very pleased!


Here's Phil giving it a whirl, as you can tell, it's far from perfect, but still darn awesome :D

A little something something

Some samples of a shoot for Jewellery designer, Nicola McLean, with Iona Levy as our model. Taken a while back now, but only just realised I never actually posted them. Quite enjoyed playing with the lighting on this shoot, far too often I get asked for the 'look book' effect, which whilst is nice, doesn't get me that excited.

As ever, thanks for stopping by :)


New London hates you!

A friend of mine from New London has started up his own brand called 'Trywork Trading Co' he's a talented artists and a keen pipe smoker - he's awesome. When he produced a T-shirt of a pipe smoking whale, I was keen to get myself one. After no pause he suggested a swap, I get one of his, if he could have one of mine, specifically my 'He-Man' design.

So the transatlantic exchange went ahead, and just a short 2 weeks later it arrives, giving me an excuse (like I needed one) to jump infront of the camera for a self portrait... and I think my smile is really coming along, what do you think?

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Geek weapons (choose wisely)

At little something I've been working on recently, I really wasn't sure when to stop, so this may well be a work in progress - can you name all the references?
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(p.s this is on sale as a poster or T-shirt)


HDR portrait cheat

HDR or High Dynamic Range images, are pretty darn cool. To sum them up in basic terms, they are images that display much more detail than a regular image. You can do this by combining multiple images of the same subject/content, that have been taken at different exposures. ie; one under exposed, one correct exposure and one over exposed (all shot in RAW). Then by using the, Automate HDR image in Photoshop, and a few tweaks, you'll have a HDR photo that will impress. But...
...most HDR images you'll see are of lanscapes or buildings/objects. This is because each images needs to be exactly the same, people move too much which makes getting the multiple exposures tricky. This got me thinking "I wonder if I could cheat?" So whilst helping a student with some portraits today I got this selfy and started playing. My thought was, 'that as long as I had one image that was perfectly exposed, shot in RAW, I could export out multiple exposures of it from the RAW editor'

So, 20min later with various experimenting within the HDR image maker, I believe I got something that worked. Not a true HDR, but certainly an image with a much higher range of information. For your comparison, the original image is below. 
And yes, the massive geek in me could help but add the Imperial emblemen to my pupils :D

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